Why did I buy 5 x 1" cubes?

So I received a package today, and inside were 5 wooden cubes, each one is 1" a side. So you may ask why I bought 5 - what kind of puzzle was I thinking of?

Well this is actually to give scale to the photographs I am taking, lots of collectors put something in the photograph to indicate scale, and also to show that the picture was from their own website. 

Next step is to print on the cubes - I did think of getting them branded, similar to Mr. Puzzle, but saw a video on how to print onto wood. Looked easy, but I decided that I may need a couple of attempts to get this - hence 5 cubes :)

I will try to document the process and share it here, but you will soon be seeing a printed cube in each of my pictures.

Posted on January 27, 2015 .