Photography of collection

Started photographing my Kumiki collection. This is going to take a while!!!

I recently purchased a collection of figural puzzles, with mostly wooden interlocking puzzles, but it does include examples of plastic puzzles too. I have been sorting my collection into related groups, e.g. space, guns, fruit, animals, buildings etc. Once I have gone through the collection I will have a number of duplicate puzzles, some of which are common, but a number of them are less so.

Once I have photographed all the puzzles, I then plan to scan the solution sheets in and link them to to relevant puzzle. This is a bit of a challenge, as most of the solutions are not stored with the puzzles - and although some puzzles look the same, they have different structures, so I need to scan the solution, find each puzzle that looks like it might be the same and then test the solution on it. My how those winter nights are going to fly by !

Anyway, hope you enjoy browsing the galleries I am uploading, they will increase as I complete each section. Let me know what you think, and any suggestions are welcome.

Posted on August 20, 2015 .