Bone Breaker and Revenge of the Minotaur

Decided to post a couple more puzzle files. 

The first one is a six piece variation of my Burr Bones puzzle. It is a skeletal burr in a traditional shape, but it has a high level solution. 53 moves to get the first piece out (according to Burrtools). 

The second puzzle is a 4 piece version of my Minotaur Burr (a Mr Puzzle limited edition), which has 3 mazes overlayed, and is in the form of a 3 piece burr. I have a 3d printed version of this made by Simon Bexfield on a Threedy printer.  (Maybe I should have made this the third puzzle - seem to be a lot of threes!!)

Both puzzles can be downloaded in Burrtools format using the "My Designs" section.I am happy for people to make them for personal use, but if you want to make larger runs, or sell them then please contact me first. I usually just ask for a couple of copies for my collection.


Posted on March 2, 2016 .