Old design - Boundary Burr

Boundary burr.jpg

I was going through some old files and found this puzzle from Feb 2014. It appears to be one that I have designed (lots of variations on the pieces in the original file) - and I do remember it was an attempt to continue the concept of a burr puzzle that looked like one thing, but was in fact another.

It is a 4 piece puzzle, but is designed to look like a 6 piece board burr. There may be some rotations, as it is not clear from the burr tools file if these are possible.

Why did I call it Boundary burr? Well it is a bit of a cricket reference. A Boundary can be 4 runs or 6 runs, depending on if the ball bounces before crossing the boundary.

As always, happy for anyone to make this for themselves, or if they make a larger batch (up to around 50) then just send me one as my ‘commission’ :)

A level 14 (8.3.3) burr, which should provide a nice challenge for the puzzler, and depending on the materials and construction, could be made to look more like a 6 piece burr than a 4 piece ;)

The burr tools file is available on the ‘My Designs’ page.

Posted on January 3, 2019 .